Our Divisions

Below you can find more information about our divisions, or directly visit one of our divisions' websites.


MP Corporation Wholesale


MP Corporation supplies a very broad range of products to its customers. Nearly every kind of product is offered, at a very competitive price.

MP Corporation Wholesale brings together a strong team of professionals with solid specialist experience in understanding and meeting the needs of wholesale customers. The customers of MP Corporation Wholesale, including major trading firms and resellers, have already relied on our services for years.

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MP Corporation Hospitality

Hospitality.jpgThe strength of the MP Corporation Hospitality Division is the diverse range of products offered and excellent customer service provided. From a teaspoon, plate or a wine glass to a food processor, 8 burner stove or a 3 door upright chiller, MP Corporation Hospitality is a one stop shop. Whether you are a café, restaurant, hospital, nursing home, school, five star hotel, canteen or college we will be able to assist you. Our aim is to make your experience with MP Corporation Hospitality pleasurable and effortless, with the least amount of stress. Our customers come first. Click here to visit this division!   




 MP Corporation Healthcare

Healthcare.jpgMP Corporation Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of medical and hygiene products, ranging from consumables to entire operating rooms. MP Corporation Healthcare focuses on providing a range of products and services that enable customers to manage their medical supplies in an efficient and cost effective manner. We aim to be the preferred partner for professional users. With practical products and customized services, we provide total care-free solutions. Click here to visit the MP Corporation Healthcare Division now to start saving time and money!